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Our Story

Javary’s has the task of improving its people journey by making gamified apps (focused on learning) that are more engaging and rewarding to play. Our brand was created upon three symbolic words: Movement, Purity and Union. Together they represent the Javary River. A sanctuary, home to the last isolated tribes in the planet, located in the heart of Amazon’s rainforest.

Through creative thinking and education, we must take responsibility in building a better world to our future generations. In order to enhance the learning experience and susceptibility for change, one must have a pure mind.

The sense of movement indicates a gesture, constant search for improvement. In order to survive in a fast pace environment, one must be quick to analize its surroundings, and take meaningful actions towards success.

Lastly, union bounds the team into the same purpose. By building a company that positively impact the lives of millions of players around the world.

We believe that games have the mystical power to inspire the next generation of citizens into building the world of their dreams: a more inclusive and happier place. The future is in our hands.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer high quality gamified applications to a global audience.

Our vision

We are highly supportive of open source software initiatives and believe through the spread of moral values and hope, we can build the utopian place of tomorrow.

Our values



At Javary, we believe that growth cannot be achieved if the ecosystem we belong in is not sufficiently natured. So we have created educational initiatives to foster​ ecosystem empowerment, including the event Godot Meetup São Paulo.

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